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Library and Information Science

Library Terms in Swedish and English

Encyclopedias and dictionaries

In encyclopedias and dictionaries you will find, among other things, background information on various topics, definitions, translations, and synonyms for terms and concepts. You can also get tips on relevant sources within a subject by looking at the bibliographies that are often found in encyclopedia articles. Encyclopedias are a good start when you need to orientate yourself in a subject or search for factual information.

General encyclopedias

  • Britannica Online
    A comprehensive British encyclopedia.
  • NE.se
    The Swedish national encyclopedia.  Contains also Swedish and English dictionary, atlases and country information.

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Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences









Encyclopedia on library and information science, (4th edition), you will find articles in full text that are updated regularly.

Both international research as well as practitioners in over 30 countries have contributed articles that concern library and information science.
Current topics in our time but also historically significant theories are treated.