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Library and Information Science

Research journal or not?

Refereed Yes and the symbol that looks like a referees shirt indicates that the journal is peer reviewed:

Bild på symbol för vetenskaplig tidksrift i Ulrichsweb

Journals in library and information science

Below you will find a selection of journals in library and information science.
Some of the magazines are in our physical magazine portfolio and some are available online.
Search for journals in the library's journal list.

  • College and research libraries
  • First Monday
  • Information research
  • Journal of academic librarianship
  • Journal of documentation
  • Library journal
  • Library trends
  • Public library quarterly

Journal articles

Articles are published in various types of newspapers and magazines. News articles are published in the daily and evening press, while articles with scientific results are published in scientific journals.
In this section you will find databases and other search tools for finding research articles in journals and in trade journals.

Different kinds of research journal articles

Research journal articles are also known as scholarly or refereed journal articles.
These kinds of articles are peer reviewed.


Original (primary) article

  • The most common type of research article
  • Presents new research findings from original research
  • Authors are researchers affiliated with a university
  • Standard format e.g. introduction, abstract, background, method, results, discussion, references
  • References previous research
  • Not too short, most often 8-10 pages or more

Review (overview) article

  • Comprehensive summary of research on a certain topic
  • Evaluates and analyses previously published original studies
  • Authors are researchers affiliated with a university
  • Secondary source
  • Review articles can be very useful as background information. They also provide references to core researchers and core studies within the field

Theoretical article

  • Presents new theories or analyses existing theories based on existing research
  • Authors are researchers affiliated with a university

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The peer review process

A film from North Carolina State University (3,15 min.)

How to read a scholarly article

A film from Western University (2,34 min)