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Primo - journal articles

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Trade journals and newpapers articles


Relevant databases in your topics are listed below.

On the library's webpage, there are several databases that are arranged alphabetically from A to Z and you can also find them listed by topic.
The databases have guides and help functions that you can use to quickly learn how to search for information in a specific database in an efficient way.

A selection of databases with research journal articlel

Google Scholar - research journal articles

Google Scholar is a search engine with a focus on scholarly sources, including research journal articles. Use Google Scholar as a complement to the library's databases.

If you are using Google Scholar on campus, links to fulltexts of the library's resources will appear in your results. To get these links when you are searching off campus, access it via the link above (or via the library's database list).

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Author encyclopedia

Only access via the link above or via the library's database list.